About Us


African Children's Fund is a charity working to break down the barriers preventing African children leading happy and fulfilled lives.

Established in the Spring of 2006 by Dee & Peter Tyrer, we are a UK based charity and our projects are run by local staff who are committed to - and know the needs of - their own communities.

Africa's children need an education if Africa is to prosper. These children yearn to learn. We can help fulfil that yearning - lifting them & their communities out of poverty.

The problems can be awful. The solutions are not rocket science. With your help and the children's courage, education, opportunities and hope for the future can be achieved.

African Children's Fund presently works in four African countries:

Peter Tyrer


Peter Tyrer - our CEO and Founder - was tragically killed in a car accident in Nairobi on 18th November 2011, whilst working on some of our projects there.

Peter inspired all those around him with his own life - long enthusiasm and commitment to improving the lives of Africa's children, and will be sorely missed by all of us who worked with him.

We know that he would have wanted the projects which he started to carry on once he had gone, and we are committed to ensuring that this happens. African Children's Fund's many and varied initiatives to support Africa's children will continue in his memory.