Our Projects | Tanzania

In Tanzania, our partners are Mfuko Wa Watoto.

Quentin Junior Academy


The Quentin Junior Academy is located in the Kimara area of Dar es Salaam and provides a nursery education for children aged between 2 and 6 while their guardians work to support their families.

The Academy accommodates around 70 children who – without the nursery facility – would be left at home alone during the working day. Some of the children enrolled at the nursery have been rescued from mining and begging in the Kimara area and many are sadly affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.

Your donations help us to support the nursery by providing educational materials and a nutritious meal for the children while they are at school. We have also helped the nursery to develop a vegetable patch and have provided them with new equipment to help them reach their goals.

Youth Network Programme


In the summer of 2012, Mfuko Wa Watoto opened the doors of its Youth Network Programme. The project aims to support young people who have completed their ‘Form 4’ studies – the end of primary school at around the age of 14 – but who have not received high enough grades to attend a state-funded secondary school.

When children do not pass these exams, it is very common for them to end up on the streets where they frequently engage in illegal activity such as prostitution, drug abuse or robbery.

The Youth Network Programme provides a training course in sewing as well as providing teaching in the areas of English, Maths and Business Studies.

Jennifer was part of the scheme’s first intake of students and she told us:

“I really like learning and meeting new people –the only way I can do this is through going to school but my family cannot afford to pay for me to finish secondary school ... I have such faith in this training”

At the end of the course, the students will use their new skills to pay their school fees so they can complete their secondary education or they will be better qualified to find work or set up their own small businesses.