Our Projects | Zimbabwe

For several years, African Children's Fund has supported the efforts of a local Zimbabwean NGO – the Mwana Trust – whose overall objectives are to provide basic education, healthcare, food and psycho-social support to disadvantaged, orphaned and vulnerable children in and around Mutare – an area where HIV/AIDS is prevalent. The Trust works with 150 children orphaned by AIDS who are living either with elderly grandparents or who are left alone to take care of themselves. Without the help of Mwana Trust, they would be forced into a life on the streets, with no education and no hope for the future.

The activities of the Mwana Trust are far-reaching and cover crucial elements such as the payment of school fees and the provision of school uniforms, the distribution of food hampers, sanitation solutions and counselling services. Each of which is crucial to encouraging children to attend school.

In a unique show of support, services are not only provided to the children directly but also to their guardians – many of whom are elderly grandparents or great-grandparents in need of guidance and assistance themselves.

In the words of Sophia – a Grade 7 student at Mt Dangare Primary School:

“I would never have been able to write my examinations if it had not been for the kind educational support that I received from Mwana Trust. My Grandmother was thinking of withdrawing us from school when Mwana Trust saved the day!”