Jeko cooker for AIC Mukeu School

A row of pupils from AIC Mukeu School wearing green uniforms, dancing on grass outside school buildings.

AIC Mukeu School in Kiambu County, Kenya, supports up to 100 children with learning disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN). The children have a range of conditions including Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.

As well as teaching the children literacy and numeracy, AIC Mukeu also teaches life skills to encourage independent living into adulthood and practical vocational skills to encourage long-term independence.

The current cooker is an open fire with a metal frame above it with pots standing on it, within a brick fireplace.

We have been approached by the school's headteacher as they wish to replace their current traditional school cooking facilities with a modern, energy saving Jeko cooker. This will be far more environmentally friendly than their current open fire, will be more cost efficient in terms of fuel and ongoing maintenance, and will create a much healthier environment for the school cooks.

We would therefore be hugely grateful if you were able to donate to our Jeko cooker appeal.

Your contribution, whether you are able to donate a little or a lot, will truly make a difference to AIC Mukeu School. Thank you in advance for your kind support.