increase in Kampala’s street children since 1993.



of Kampala Metropolitan Area residents live in slums.



estimated street children living in Kampala.



SAFE Uganda is based in Kampala and they are determined to minimise the number of children abandoned on the city’s streets by taking a series of preventative and remedial actions. SAFE breaks their work down into the following focus areas:

Nsimbe Transit Centre

The Nsimbe Transit Centre acts as a temporary home for up to 20 children who have been neglected or abandoned and rescued from the streets. The home is a real haven for the children and they are nurtured and cared for in a conducive family atmosphere. Where possible the children are re-settled with suitable family members, and support is given to ensure their continued well-being.

7 children and their teacher in a shady area of a sunny garden, singing, dancing and clapping hands

Child Protection Awareness Forums

These are run in community centres, schools, mosques and churches for children, teenagers and adults to promote children’s rights. SAFE also appears regularly on Ugandan television and local radio shows to promote children’s rights to as wide a network as possible.

Two boys sitting on a rug on the floor of the SAFE Transit Home

Slum Dweller Child Care Centre

SAFE is developing a community-led Child Care Centre for 50 street children aged 2-6 in the Mengo Kisenyi slum in Kampala, Uganda, which promotes improved employment opportunities for mothers as well as reducing child abuse incidents that are prevalent with current, unqualified childcare providers.

White line drawn graphic of a Welcome Pack including clothes, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, on a terracotta background

£15 will buy a welcome pack containing new clothing and toiletries for a child at the Nsimbe Transit Centre. Please donate to enable SAFE to help street children settle in to their new home.

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