Christmas wishes from Uganda

As some of you may remember, this Christmas, we are aiming to raise £500 to buy toys and games for lost, abandoned or abused former street children staying at the wonderful Nsimbe Transit Home in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.

Our colleagues at SAFE, our Ugandan NGO partner, asked some of the children staying at Nsimbe for up to three Christmas wishes, and this is what they said…

A montage of the Christmas wishes from some of the children at SAFE Uganda, featuring 3 photos of children, an illustration of a toy robot, an illustration of some clothing, a photo of a red, toy aeroplane, a photograph of some knitted toy dolls, an illustration of shoes and an illustration of a church.

Joseph - aged 8: "To go to Church."
Rashidah - aged 10: "A doll, a dress and to go to Church."
Silver - aged 9: "A speed car and a robot!"
Jamillah - aged 4: "A doll, a pair of shoes and to go to Church."
Mathias - aged 7: "An aeroplane and some clothes."

Nsimbe represents a haven offering a positive, supportive atmosphere and a focus on play and education while trained staff work on resettling children in long term homes, with family members wherever possible.

If you are able to help make Joseph, Rashidah, Silver, Jamillah and Mathias' Christmas wishes come true and provide their favourite things, please make a donation to our Christmas appeal.

#ACFXmas18 #ourfavouritethings