TerraCycle - Changes to The Air, Home and Laundry Care programme

Great news! The TerraCycle UK Air & Home Care Recycling Programme has been expanded so in addition to plastic cleaning wipe packaging and plastic air fresheners, our Witney shop can now ALSO accept:

✅ Flexible plastic dishwasher tablet packaging
✅ Flexible plastic laundry capsule packaging
✅ Tinted fabric softener/conditioner bottles & caps

Please note that we CANNOT accept:

❌ Plastic facial/baby wipe packaging
❌ 'Triggers' from cleaning sprays (previously collected)
❌ Plastic caps from washing up liquid (previously collected)

The latter two are recyclable through most kerbside and Council recycling collections.

We earn a penny for every 10 grams of material recycled so 70 grams of recycling will provide a child with a meal in one of our Kenyan school Porridge Clubs, ensuring that child can go to school rather than having to work, scavenge or beg for food.

More information about the TerraCycle programme is available here.