The Perfect Easter Present

The school cook in a run-down kitchen, sitting with her back to ash from an open fire that has cooking pots on top and in front of it.

Do you remember our AIC Mukeu appeal? The school in Kenya teaches children with Special Educational Needs and contacted us a couple of months ago as they needed £1,000 to install a new cooker. Until now, they have been cooking on a smoky, open fire which is bad for the health of the school cooks, and is neither environmentally friendly nor energy efficient.

Thanks to the generosity of African Children's Fund supporters - including our Longworth quizgoers - AIC Mukeu School took delivery of its new jeko cooker last week.

Headteacher Peter Ngugi has sent some photos with the following message to you all:

4 people in front of the new cooker, inspecting shiny, silver cooking pots

"The perfect Easter gift for the children of AIC Mukeu School has arrived! It will ensure less smoke, faster efficient clean kitchen, ready bathing water and less firewood consumption which will save us money among other things. Thanks for the swift initiative. You took it seriously and your action will ensure that our school pupils and workers will really have a good time. Kindly take time to thank all those who assisted to make this a reality. Truly we are so humbled."

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to everybody who took the time to donate and share details of this very special appeal.