Fahari Ya Msichana - early success!

In February, we explained how we were expanding our Education All Month, Every Month programme from Kenya into Tanzania where it would be known locally as Fahari Ya Msichana. Three months on, and the early anecdotal results are positive.

Several girls standing in front of a blackboard in a Tanzanian classroom, holding packets of sanitary towels.

There have been some challenges - as we would expect with a new programme! - the biggest of which has been the cultural acceptance of sanitary towel provision. Some parents initially forbade their daughters from using sanitary towels as they believed they cause infertility. The hardworking team at Mfuko Wa Watoto in Tanzania spent a lot of time working in the communities supported by the schools participating in the programme, to ensure that knowledge was transformed and well understood by all parties.

What’s more, the early success stories far outweigh the challenges.

Komeiyan is a student at one of the secondary schools supported by Fahari Ya Msichana and she considers herself one of the lucky ones.

When Fahari ya Msichana started supporting us with sanitary pads, I got determined to focus on my school studies. I remember receiving sanitary pads for only one year when I was in standard Seven. The assistance was timely because a boda boda (commercial motorcycle) boy in our village was asking for me to be his sexual partner in exchange for sanitary pads and other needs. The project has been very helpful in keeping us busy with valuable activities so I did not have to think about giving in his proposal. It is the reason I have made it this far.
— Komeiyan, 16 years old

21-year-old Namnyaki is not as lucky. At just 13 years old, she dropped out of school because she could not stand the shame of not having any sanitary protection and she was consequently forced to marry. She now has 4 children and is part of the Fahari Ya Mscihana team that is working to eliminate this shame for other young girls. She tells us:

I feel I have regained my pride as a young woman.
— Namnyaki, 21 years old

We are incredibly proud to be able to support girls like Komeiyan in her education and we know Namnyaki’s daughter will avoid feeling the shame that her mother did when she reaches adolescence.

A donation of just £5 per month will help girls like Komeiyan receive an Education All Month, Every Month. Join us in supporting them!