Happy Small Charity Week!

As Small Charity Week's name suggests, this week gives us an opportunity to celebrate the big impact of small charities like African Children's Fund.

According to statistics published in October 2018 by the Charity Commission of England and Wales, charities with an annual turnover of less than £500,000 make up 86.6% of all registered charities, however they earn just 9.3% of all charity income. 

Millions of people locally, nationally and internationally are helped by small charities and these small charities indisputably have a big impact. Take African Children's Fund's big impact as an example:

Five Kenyan students sitting on a small wall at school, eating lunch.
  • 130,000 mugs of porridge are provided in Kenyan school Porridge Clubs each school term.

  • 450 girls receive Sanitary Towels each month to help them go to school All Month, Every Month.

  • 160 children with Special Educational Needs are able to learn in a safe, accepting environment.

  • Over 2,500 children are in school, rather than being on the streets.

  • 90 families gain justice each year due to free legal advice.

Thank you so very much for supporting this small charity!

Tamsyn Wymer