Kenyan Porridge Clubs - an added bonus!

As you know, we love hearing stories from the schools your funds support. This month, we have received an update from our Kenyan partner on school Porridge Clubs.

As you'd expect, all schools are unanimously reporting good health among their students, with high attendance and cases of malnutrition rare. All schools are also reporting an increase in enrolment which is great - in that it's encouraging more children to come to school - but that of course presents some difficulties in terms of capacity.

We particularly liked this additional feedback from the headteacher of Ng'ate Primary School who shared improvements in co-curricular activities as a result of the Porridge Clubs:

“This month, we have seen a number of children participating in ball games. The spirit of competition and exposure will make them more enlightened in their studies and their lives outside school.”
— Headteacher, Ng'ate Primary School
Children collecting mugs of porridge at Mwtingiri Primary School, Kenya

Our thanks go to everyone who continues to support this fantastic initiative. You're really making a difference!